The European Educational Group EUROGNOSI-EUROLAB is today the largest Educational Organisation of European Languages ​​and IT in Southeast Europe. For many years, EUROGNOSI has been the first choice of foreign language and IT training organisation for all Greeks.

The EUROGNOSI Group was established in 1989 with the aim of providing high-quality European Language studies for students of all ages. Today the group is a pioneer in Foreign Languages ​​and IT and the largest private education provider in Greece, Cyprus and Romania, with 200 Foreign Language and IT centres in operation and more than 60,000 students on an average annual basis.

EUROGNOSI is indisputably the LEADER in the field of education. It provides excellent educational services with programmes ranging from 4-year-old children to adults and specialised business programmes, using the most modern teaching methods combined with innovative technologies. More specifically, it offers children's programmes, student programmes, adult programmes as well as special intensive courses for foreign language certifications. As such, our name is one of the most recognisable brands in Greece and beyond, synonymous with quality and effective foreign language and IT learning.

All our students and graduates keep our vision alive and are the driving force for the continuous development of EUROGNOSI and for new conquests in the field of foreign language education. Visit one of the EUROGNOSI centres near you and enjoy a truly unique learning experience with the Learn® method that only EUROGNOSI can provide!

Group with a Vision

Academic excellence for our students through innovation, organisation, a profitable network and a strong brand.

Our vision is for EUROGNOSI, a Group with a focus on quality and excellence, to become the world leader in the field of foreign language education.

Today, the European Educational Group EUROGNOSI is the largest Educational Organization for European Languages and Computer Science in Southeastern Europe.

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