The Flipped Classroom
Asynchronous Learning

What is "flipped classroom"?

  • It is an educational strategy that involves changing the way students encounter and process new knowledge.
  • Students watch videos/read texts before the lesson to ensure that class time is optimized and used for discussions, problem-solving, or other forms of active learning, which help them absorb and internalize this new knowledge.
  • In other words, students acquire knowledge on their own before the lesson (lower levels of cognitive work) so that during the lesson, they can focus on higher cognitive work levels, such as applying knowledge, analyzing, evaluating, etc.
  • This ensures that they have the support of their peers and facilitators.

This means that emphasis is placed on Asynchronous Learning. What exactly is Asynchronous Learning?

It's when we ask students to:

  • Watch pre-recorded videos/lessons
  • Watch video demonstrations
  • Complete reading and writing assignments
  • Conduct research projects
  • Deliver presentations
  • Work on quizzes, problem-solving, and games

Why choose the "Asynchronous Approach"?

  • You never miss a lesson.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Personalize and optimize the learning experience.
  • Review lessons.
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