English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes

Five Star Vocational English!

Welcome to the world of Vocational English, the specialized EURGNOSI program that meets the demands of the modern working world and enhances your English skills.

Banking & Finance

An absolutely specialized course designed for students who wish to advance their careers in the financial and banking sector. Terminology and grammar are presented through authentic texts and dialogues with the aim of immersing students in real-life situations.


This specific course consists of 4 levels and gives students the opportunity to develop their language skills, meeting the requirements of the modern working environment. Additionally, they are prepared, if they wish, for certification exams.

Industry & Commerce

An ideal course for those who want to quickly and easily improve their language skills. The goal is for participants to communicate and fully understand spoken English in the field of industry and commerce.


The sought-after course that relates to the tourism industry and familiarizes students with international tourism terminology as well as the global language of hospitality. Extremely relevant and effective, it contributes to the completion of the best CV.


Designed for students who want to practice their English in a professional environment related to the science of engineering. The course combines methodology with real-life practice and offers students the opportunity to develop their communication skills with the corresponding terminology.

Vocational English

Free 30 hours of exam preparation
Flexible classes: morning, afternoon, evening

Today, the European Educational Group EUROGNOSI is the largest Educational Organization for European Languages and Computer Science in Southeastern Europe.

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